The Three Duchies

The Three Duchies 

The Dukes and The Archduke

The area of The Three Duchies is made up of several ancient Dwarf,  Human and Elven kingdoms. Over 800 years ago the half-elf Orelion united the kingdoms after the Catastrophe of The Three Dragons. He became king and ruled wisely and justly however in the wake of his death he had no heir. It was decided the dukes would become the new ruler and the kingdom would be split into three. However every 50 years, an Archduke is elected among the Dukes to represent the kingdom as a whole in times of crisis and other matters. 

What's Happening now? 

To the north the Tusked Straits are awash with Ulgrashian Orcs of Oz’nir clan have been sending
warriors to out to prove their mettle in battle.  The Town of Taswins Forge to the south-west of Orelion(The Capital City) has been swallowed in a mysteries darkness.

The Ruling Class

Current Dukes

Archduke: Thorard Sheer 
Duke of Maldech: Lauryn Sheer
Duke of Kaladrim: Malah Torridin
Duke of The Eld: Lannor Uneniel (The Autumn Lord) 

Feudal System

Monarch: Currently Nobody hold this title
Archduke: Above the dukes when it comes to times of crisis or decisions that span the duchies.
Duke: Master of a duchy
Count: Master of a county. 
Baron: master of a barony contained within a county 
Knights: Mostly unlanded or heads of small towns and villages


The Three Duchies is primarily ruled by those who are strong in magic.  However, those who are not strong in magic can often rise to high place with the aid of magical items. 

Counties & Areas of The Three Duchies



The Eld


Race Relations



The Three Duchies

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